danbill.jpg (141612 bytes)    Bill and I started competing as a rally team in 2000. We have been spectating rallies however, for 19 years or more. During those years we spectated hard. Making as many stages as possible and lugging in as many accoutrements as possible. Each event we attended involved meeting up with our posse - a core of old friends and a few newbies that we'd turn on to rallying. They come from all across the country (and world) to join for a weekend of everything rally.

cook-011.jpeg (138328 bytes)    Before Bill and I met, I had been introduced to rallying through Paul Choiniere and Scott Weinheimer. Scott was Paul's first regular navigator. He, Paul and I met while attending UVM. We spectated a number of JB's rallies, the first was at STPR, but probably the most memorable was the Molson Lobster Rally in New Brunswick, Canada. After the rally was over, the post event party consisted of all the Molson you could drink and all the lobster you could eat! Needless to say, this was the turning point of my commitment to the sport.

00maine06.jpeg (91934 bytes)    Early in 1991 I went to work for JB at Libra Racing. I worked for him during the 1991 season building cars and servicing for JB, Paul, Carl Merrill, Noel Lawler and Jim Wilson.

STPR0231.JPG (128367 bytes)    Before rallying in the new car "Becky Lou", I had been rallying a 510 purchased from Pete Lahm in October of 1999, who campaigned the car during the 1997 season and took 2nd place in G2 in the US Pro Rally Championship. I did a few modifications to the car he built, mostly bringing it up to race trim as it hadn't been used in a few years. The new car is a '70 2 door, which was built from ground up. See photos on the Media page.

Jingo_025.JPG (919331 bytes)    My wife and 2 sons live in Hinesburg, Vermont  Besides cars (the 510 and a 1960 Porsche 356B), I love to hike and backcountry ski, camp, hang with friends and family, listen to live music and travel. I'm married to my very lovely bride Becky and we have 2 sons Ethan and Owen. And Jetta our dog. Becky fills the role of chief logistics coordinator, team physio and all things wise and beautiful in the Red Mist world.

Qa130037.jpg (355253 bytes)    Bill's a lawyer in Philadelphia and lives Haverford, PA. He's a Phishhead, an avid Flyer fan and loves auto sports. He and his wife Melissa have two daughters Abby and Eliza.

    The service crew consists of family and friends.

Dan Cook