Former car was a 1968 PL-510 is a 4-door car built in 1994. I bought it from Pete Lahm in 1999. He had taken it to 2nd place in SCCA ProRally Group 2 place back in '97.  STPR 2003 saw to its demise.

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The new car ("Becky Lou") is a '70 2 door. It was built ground up from a CA street car.

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After acquiring the car late Summer 2003, it came home to the Red Mist garage just before Christmas. Dave Patten, a fellow 510 racer, installed a FIA-spec roll cage. Dave burns up the tarmac in his tube chassis 510 in GT3, often competing with the big boys in GT2 when he runs out of GT3 competition.

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Drivetrain: 2.3L Rebello L-Series engine. 5 speed transmission.

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Electronics: Custom wiring harness.

Interior: Custom aluminum dash w/warning lights (oil pressure, oil temp., water temp). Sparco Rev and Race Tech driving seats, leather rimmed steering wheel, navigator lights. Sabelt 3" 6-pt. harnesses, professional roof vents, aluminum skinned interior panels, lexan windows.

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Trunk: Quick release 2x spare tire mount, jack, triangles, first aid kit, haz-mat kit spare tool/parts box, back-up light.

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